Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Something For Everyone

I visited a cemetery recently and was surprised to learn of the wide variety of ways that folks have chosen to be remembered, and others have chosen to honor their departed loved ones.

I learned that it is now an option to have a scene etched on the memorial stone. This one shows a couple in a swing with the tractor and the Corvette in the yard.

100_3499 This scene shows a bulb garden and palms.

100_3498This fellow must have loved golf.

100_3508 I had to love this goat truck. That is the old name for the crane truck that lifts the citrus boxes and carries the fruit to the packing house or at least to the semi-truck.


There were several with semi-trucks etched on them.

A number of the stones had photographs. I was also interested in the solar lights that can be found at the grave sites.


This one has to be the most unique. It is a life-size motorcycle with a couple on it.


It would seem that there is indeed something for everyone.


Anonymous said...

wow I wonder what my family would put on mine

Mikey said...

Those are the craziest headstones ever. I don't know how you find all these, and the mailboxes too.