Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gardening is One of the Good Things in Life

This is the most extensive winter garden we have ever ventured. Before this latest cold snap, everything was coming along nicely. Time will tell how hardy each vegetable turns out to be.

B has mulched with leaves and grass clippings as well as with compost from the landfill. The soil definitely looks better than when we started the garden in April.

The sweet peas are blooming and beginning to run up the string grid he made. The lettuce is slowly growing. The broccoli are starting to make their branched heads. Onions are getting noticeably bigger.


The turnips are happy, and to borrow a word—purplicious! We have had a few.


The cabbages are growing huge outer leaves.


Look a little closer and the rain droplets start to sparkle.


Now move in close enough so that you can see the blue heavens reflected in the rain droplets.


OK, so it might have been my blue jeans reflected, but didn’t the former read so much more poetically?

(I’m thankful for the beautiful sky, but I’m also thankful for my blue jeans.)

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