Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Leaf Footed Bugs

It is all starting to come together now, so to speak.

These mating bugs (Lelptoglossus phyllopus) are cousins to the green and brown stinkbugs that share their space ---and are as detrimental to our plants as the stinkbugs.They are plant juice suckers.



These little orange guys are instars (immature ones).



These are the beautiful eggs we saw earlier in the spring. They are also leaf footed bugs, but not the same species. These with the white line lay their similar eggs in a line.


It is nice to know something about the life cycle of these destructive bugs. I had not known they were all the same insects at different stages until I finally identified the adults.

Good thing we grew enough zinnias for them and us both as we are certainly outnumbered. (The little white spot is the moon.)


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