Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Providence Canyon in the Snow

We had planned to go to Providence Canyon to day hike and when the roads looked so much better on Saturday, we decided to go for it, thinking that the snow on the canyon walls would be a nice contrast. That was somewhat of an understatement.



Providence Canyon is known as the “Little Grand Canyon” and as I have only seen the Grand Canyon twice and both times it was snowy, I would have to agree with the nickname.101_0239


The canyon was created by erosion from uninformed farming practices in the 1800’s. The deepest spot is over 150 feet deep.101_0243

This was the first time that B and I had ever been here. Our friends had been here once before. It is off the beaten path, so to speak, and you have to intend to go there to go there. But it is well worth it. However, I think we saw it at its absolute best and as such, I have no desire to go back.



These are the public restrooms. The roof had a thick coat of snow.




The visitor’s center is closed because of budget cuts. We were amused to see an FSU Outdoor Pursuits van in the parking lot. Our older son has driven that van with students to this very backpack hiking location.


101_0261We took the White Trail that is for day hikers. It was quite slick in places.


The White Trail may have been white on the sides, but it was red clay mud in the middle.


This stream runs through the bottom of the canyon.


There is no bridge.

Snow-melt ran down the sloped trail to join the stream.


It was pretty soupy in places.


Gotta love Gore-tex boots.


wlh said...

Relly great photos.
The canyon looked great.

Liz said...

The great pictures just keep coming! Providence Canyon looks so wonderful in the snow. Way better than the torental downpour and flooding trails we saw when younger D took us.