Friday, February 19, 2010

A Last Look at Westville in the Snow

Beside this log cabin…


were more building materials, resting in a blanket of snow.


This woodworking shop was full of really cool tools. This big wheel was part of a wood-turning lathe that could be used to create the spindle in the center of the photo.


The kiln and pottery shop were in one of these cabins.


There was a shy, black cat on the porch of this house. It disappeared as I can nearer.


These two snow figures bid us good-bye as we left through the front gates that are replicas of the ones that were in Milledgeville which was Georgia’s first state capital.


We, in turn, bid good-bye to Westville.


We had had a great time!

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wlh said...

Very nice! A wonderful trip.