Tuesday, February 3, 2009

B's Cabbages

In late October, B went to Gramling's, an old wood floor, tin roofed, generations-of-Gramlings old, general farm store a few a blocks from the state capitol, down by the train tracks. Tools to tack and feed and seed are just a few of the simple pleasures to be found in this wonderland for growers of both plants and animals.

We go for the plants. There are the usual cell packs of plants--usually vegetables or herbs with the occasional flower. But the seeds offer the most variety. On a wall just inside the front door are the seeds in the plain, brown envelopes. If that is not enough, they will weigh out the amount you need with an old balance scale. Advice is free.

On that day in October, B found little savoy cabbage plants in a small bundle. He gave one to his homebound brother, one to younger son and planted the rest out in a raised bed. They have been happy here.


We had not grown savoy cabbage before and I had to do a little research to figure out what we had. It is a very mild flavored cabbage with very curly leaves. The effect is pleasing as well as tasty.

So on Saturday, he harvested one.



He discovered it occupied--no whiteflies, though!



The compost pile ate well that day as the outer leaves were recycled.


And we ate well that night with fresh cabbage and bacon salad.


The rest of that head became coleslaw for a memorial reception.

Mr. O.I. Gramling would be proud.

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I like the pest control.