Saturday, November 7, 2015

Callaway's Butterfly Exhibit

You can't go to Callaway without going in the butterfly exhibit. It is a nice facility.

The sign below tells the story of the top of the roof. It came from the home place in Pelham of Mrs. Callaway.

The entrance belies the total volume of the building.

In August, they were featuring a certain species of butterfly, called a blue morpho. Though native to Central and South America, they were growing them from chrysalises, by the dozen. We watched a couple of butterflies emerge. We saw dozens of blue morphos released into the indoor gardens. Below is a blue morpho. When the wings are closed, almost no blue is visible.

When they fly,the vibrant blue on the tops of the wings can be startling.

The blue is the result of microscopic scales that reflect blue light into our eyes, rather than pigment.

"Look here, guys! This is about us!"

Over-ripe bananas serve as feeders. 

This philodendron was FULL of butterflies.

Other butterflies were also present in the exhibit.

This plywood puzzle-style sculpture is bigger than you might think.

Callaway, with all its struggles, is still worth the admission and proved to be a fun attraction for B and me on our anniversary.

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