Sunday, October 12, 2014

150th Anniversary of the Battle of Marianna

B and I drove over to Marianna to observe the re-enactment of the Battle of Marianna. It had been 150 years to the day. The activity took place at the courthouse square and in the nearby park. When we arrived, the battle had already begun.

The local "boys" were on one side of the courthouse lawn and the Union troops on the other. 

Once the firing stopped, they all lined up together.

And they fired in unison, one last shot.

In the park, was a cannon. This fellow was manning it. We found he had a truly remarkable resemblance to one of our family members.

This woman was lecturing on the importance of salt and its many uses and thus the importance of the salt works along the coast here.

In a pavilion, a local community chorus sang songs from the Civil War.

It was a rather small celebration but we thought it was well worth the drive over from Tallahassee.

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