Sunday, February 2, 2014

Green Cove Picnic

On our way home from St. Augustine, we stopped at the park at Green Cove Springs for a picnic lunch. It was a cool, crisp, beautiful day. B had visited there before, but our friend and I had not. The park is right on the St. John's River. After we ate, we walked out on the pier and looked across at a large cruise ship at dock.

The spring itself is just a ways up the shore. It is contained in concrete, but flows into a public pool.

Here is  looking into the spring, with its natural limestone walls.

 Notice the hefty flow rate.

From the pool, it flows into a small, clear stream, dotted with stones, and down into the St. John's. There is a nice playground on one side and it was full of families enjoying the beautiful day. The ironwork on the footbridge was charming.

This little red-haired darling in her blue tutu was as entranced with the stream as I was. 

My only disappointment was the sign that advised that no wading, swimming, or fishing was permitted.  It was a beautiful place and such a perfect place to wade.

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