Thursday, January 30, 2014

An Exquisite Vessel

The purpose of our overnight trip to St. Augustine was to see the two tall ships that are at dock near the Bridge of Lions. B had seen tall ships when he was in the Navy in San Francisco, but I had only seen pictures of them. I wanted to see them live and "in person."

Here they are as we saw them the first evening.

The larger one is a replica of a Spanish galleon and the smaller one is a replica of Magellan's ship that circumnavigated the earth. Both were made in the same shipyard as the originals. Think about that. These ships originally sailed in the 1500s. 

Both are available for tour. B and I toured only the galleon but our friend toured them both. He reported that the galleon was much more refined.

The main mast on the galleon above is said to be ten stories high. 

There are five decks and we were on each. On a lower deck, we watched a video that showed the making of this ship. 

Here is the lantern.

Here is a closer look at the ornate lantern.

Here is the ship's bell.

I loved the detail in the captain's quarters.

Florida maps were still evolving.

The ship is well armed with many iron cannons.

And here is how you board from the water. Watch your step: the little trap door is for a cannon.

We gladly took a ramp from the dock and thoroughly enjoyed our tour.

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The Nao Victora Sail at Sunrise tomorrow.