Saturday, November 2, 2013

November 1st Was All Snakes Day

November 1st is actually All Saints' Day but since we saw several snakes that evening, I have renamed it.
Here are the two notable ones that I photographed.
Initially, we thought they were both moccasins. When  I consulted this webpage, I learned otherwise.

This young snake was only about 18 inches long. It is a banded water snake. 

Looking at the photo below, we can see the pupil is round. 

This is the second snake,  a cottonmouth moccasin. It was a larger snake, though we never saw all of it. 

The moccasin's pupil is vertical. 

But I don't recommend getting that close to check it out lest you become prematurely one of the saints honored on this day.  I took these pictures from safely inside the pick-up.

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