Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wet and Wildlife

We have had about 16 inches of rain this month at our house. Below, the little pond is on the left. However, when I took the picture, the water surface for the lawn, the sidewalk, the porch and the pond had evened out.

The woods have water flowing through them and we saw this deer when we walked the other morning. Poor dear was no doubt just trying to dry out her hooves.

A deer was also laying in a yard at the end of our neighborhood. We guessed it had been hit by a car. 

A very young alligator was hit by a car as it climbed up on the road.

We had a wind storm to come up one evening that, while it did not last but a few minutes, was alarming in its intensity. The damage could have been significant and we felt blessed. Large branches came off the trees. One pine branch flew over the length of the 20 foot screen porch and landed on the far side without tearing the screen roof. 

This is a sweetgum branch. For proportion, the screen panel is over six feet long. 

We had three hundred pounds of debris that B took to the landfill. Included in the load was earthworms, a big toad and this little ring-necked snake.

 Look how corrugated it looks as it crawled over the bed-liner!

When the sun comes out, it is pure steam, but look how pretty it looks reflecting off the water onto our front porch ceiling. The light just dances!

And the big pond frog seems happy-- rain or shine!

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