Thursday, April 4, 2013

La Chua Trail Gators

B and I had a long drive back from central Florida recently and decided to break it up with a hike in Payne's Prairie on the La Chua Trail. Thank goodness for a smart phone to help us find the place. The park access is tucked away in a neighborhood in Gainesville and not at all near the entrance on  U.S. 441. We had been there but once. A long boardwalk at the beginning was a fairly popular spot for wildlife observation. (The Gators were out watching the gators.)

In this one pool area, we counted 24 gators! There more further down the trail.

This guy was a big one!

But this guy was HUGE!

For comparison, note the ibises. They are not small birds.

This is a great place to see wildlife!

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