Friday, November 23, 2012

Bear With Us

We have just returned from western North Carolina where we enjoyed a quick, extended weekend. As we wandered in and out of shops in the town of Hendersonville, we could not help but notice the life-sized bear sculptures.  This one was outside the ice cream shop.

This one in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts was near the Mast General Store.

This one, with the tools of a goldsmith, was outside the jewelry store.

This one was outside an antique shop.

And this one was outside a sports bar.

 I am sure there were more that we missed, but this gives a sampling. 


Anonymous said...

I think they do this in quite a few towns, in the Carolinas, near Havelock and Outer Banks.
In our town a few years ago, they had a Pelican contest for local artists. Amazing pelicans were decorating the town. some of the artwork was truly amazing. We are on Mobile Bay, Fairhope, Al. Lots of writers and artists here. They even had a Marilyn Monroe Pelican!!

Anonymous said...

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