Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wedding by the Water

B and I went to the coast for a beautiful beach wedding last weekend. Our niece was the bride and we have known the groom for a number of years.  The bride's family had rented a large and truly unique house on the beach, with commanding views on all four levels.

The wedding day began windy ...

and eventually became quite stormy.

This canoe in the yard began to fill with rainwater.

Finally, after the chairs and tables for the courtyard reception had been dried off for the third time,

 the sun came out and the sand absorbed the standing rain. Everything was a "go" for outside again.

and it was beautiful!

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Island Rider said...

Beautiful! We are in the midst of planning a beach wedding for youngest son and his fiance. Rain is not a welcome thought! Glad to know everything turned out well despite the weather.