Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mashes Sands in January Fog

We took a little wander down to the coast on Sunday afternoon.
We met the dense fog that had burned off at home before 11 o'clock. It remained in place at the coast all day. B tried his fishing luck at a couple of spots without even a nibble.

We had not been out on the "new" fishing pier there. It is nicely done. The fishermen there were not catching either.

Since there was so little to see out on the water, the interesting sights were at our feet. I am always interested in the patterns that a plant may make in the sand when the wind whips it around.

At the beginning of our beach walk, we were noticing that while there were lots of mammal tracks in the sand, there was little marine life visible. When we walked around the other side to a different point, we found more of what we had expected before. This tiny shell (that I  think was a conch) was the only one of its kind that we saw.

There were a number of sand dollars, but we thought the patterns and colors on this one were so striking.

This small sea urchin was mostly spineless.

I laughed at how similar this sponge and the fisherman's glove looked.

Before we headed back, we explored a city park in Panacea. There was a nice dock into the bay and the fog had lifted here but you could see the dark cloud bank out on the points.

It was such a nice afternoon!

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That looks like a good way to spend the day.