Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Lake is Down, the Poison Ivy is Up and There is a Reward Offered

On Sunday afternoon, the weather was so nice that we took a drive into Jefferson County. We stopped to walk the boardwalk along one end of Lake Miccosukee. Because of the extended drought, the large lake  is down to a series of sinkholes that are no longer connected.  

This fish was quite stationary. We believe it to be a mudfish. It was good-sized: over a foot long.

I was hoping to find some fall leaves to take back to show my kindergartners on Monday but the prettiest fall colors were found on the poison ivy!

As we were leaving, B noticed this notice that was duct taped to the sign:

Here is a closer look:

Was this kind of an obituary for its kin?

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Pablo said...

The lake in my woods has dwindled to a pitiful puddle (from its 2.5 acre full-pool size). We need rain in Missouri too. Fortunately, we have no alligators for the poachers.