Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Topiary Garden in Columbus

We recently spent a fun Sunday morning seeing a Sunday Afternoon. Let me explain: You may recall the famous painting, A Sunday Afternoon on the Isle of La Grand Jatte, by Georges Seurat,  that introduced the technique of pointillism, where color is applied in tiny dots to create a picture.

In Columbus, Ohio, we visited the topiary garden where living plants have been growing on wire supports to create this same scene since 1992.

The topiaries are larger than life: the tallest is 12 feet tall.

Below is the character description.

It was fun to walk into the garden to be with the characters and have them all around you. I had an umbrella and we used it as a parasol to pose with the topiary folks. (For family only, I will show you the one where I was the monkey and my sister was the lady with the parasol!)

A pond was built to serve as the Seine River. Looking carefully at the picture above, you can make out the boats on the water.

It was starting to rain. I think there is a wet spot on the lens in the picture below.

This is taken from across the pond.

What a neat place!

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