Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Our sons and their girls were home for Easter weekend. I over-planned so we did not get to all of the activities, but we still had a great time. On Saturday morning, we loaded up the canoes and went to the Wakulla River.

100 4178


I chose that river in  hopes of seeing manatees and we did see four in the few hours that we were  out.

100 4164

These were  not the biggest manatees we have seen, but it is always a thrill to see them. The first ones we saw were a mother and young one.

100 4177

100 4170

100 4174

Then we all saw another single one.  You will often hear them blowing before you see them.

100 4161


100 4162

We try to be careful to not be over them but sometimes the wind, current and their own movement makes this a little difficult.

100 4163


B and I also spotted one on the river bottom.


We were amused by this little manatee-lookout on the front of this kayak. It had its own little PFD.

100 4183



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