Wednesday, March 30, 2011

High Falls, Alabama

Our brother-in-law knew just where to take us when we visited Huntsville: Sand Mountain. We had a wonderful day.

We first went to High Falls Park. Spring had not yet arrived and rain was threatening. It is remote and we were the only people there, until we left and one other car arrived.

According to a webpage, the falls are 35 feet and span to 300 feet during high water times.


It was a lot of water ----and loud---- when we were there. It was spectacular!


Here you can see the bluffs along the sides.

100_3785The rock curves around on the near side where a natural arch has formed, as the water eroded away the stone.


The above was the best shot I could get of the arch.

But our brother-in-law had taken this one from his canoe and generously agreed to let me use it here.

Natural bridge at Town Creek This is another of his shots from the canoe.

IMGP0456 This I took above the falls. The top of the arch is on the right.


Sadly, they tell of people dying each year from falls and dives from the rocks, as it is a popular place in the warmer months.

We were careful to keep our feet only on the dry rocks and to stay within the fencing! It was definitely worth seeing. Thanks, D and D!

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