Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sharing Tree

Someone came up with the brilliant idea of creating a network for collecting discarded materials to be reused in classrooms in our school district. It is located in a building at the vo-tech center. Businesses and individuals donate books, paper, notebooks, equipment, art supplies, and many, many other items. These are displayed in three rooms and made available to teachers at specific times. Items are priced at something like garage sale prices. Each teacher is allowed to spend $20 per visit in a voucher and then is asked to pay cash for additional items.


I visited on Thursday and found it extremely popular.

TREE stands for Teachers Reusing Everything for Education.

As I said, it is a brilliant idea.


Teachers are officially back as of Monday, though many of us have been in and out of our classrooms all summer. Now it is time to hit the ground running!

And we’re off!

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S N B said...

I received an email that stated in the first two shopping days they served over 300 teachers and gave away $7,000 in donations.