Thursday, October 1, 2009

Screen Porch Serenity

Ohmygoodness!! I love that porch!


We sit out every evening that it is not raining and now that it has cooled down a bit, it is even more wonderful. We have a last cup of coffee out there before we have to head off to work each morning. We eat meals out there.

Yesterday, I watched a hummingbird try one trapeze branch after another. It perched on a dead branch high in a tree and bounced in the breeze a while and then flew to another to repeat the swinging and bouncing. I watched mesmerized for many minutes.

The other night, I took B’s inflatable camping mat out and put it on a beach towel and did some exercises in the dark. Finally, I just lay there and spotted two shooting stars. Because there is a grid of screen frame overhead, it is possible to observe the constellations move across the sky.

That evening, B saw a bat. We see bats all the time when we walk in the evenings, but that was the first one seen from the screen porch in full darkness.

Later as I lay there listening to B sleep in the rocker, an enormous barred owl cruised over, coming across the roof of the house and then right over me--- just a couple of feet over the top of the screen roof. It flew from my toes to my head and,  before it landed in a tree in the yard behind my head, it had entered my very soul.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful!! We hear owls a lot in our woods in Kentucky. Nature is such a wonderful gift from God!