Monday, June 1, 2009

Did You Hear the One About the Pole….?

This just seems to be another example of bureaucracies not communicating.

Here we have a turn lane.


And here we have a wooden utility pole.



I guess that whole plan eliminates the need for a stop or yield sign or a sign that reads, “No turn on red.”

The lane is blocked at both ends. But you will note that the road was paved, curbed and painted with the pole in place.

Good grief.

When I was young, the poor people from Poland were singled out and were the butt of many a Polock joke. I had all but forgotten this until I began to think about how ridiculous the placement of this pole is. This time the joke is on us.

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Kimberlee said...

I'd like to say that is the craziest thing I've ever seen. But it probably isn't. Bureaucratic idiocracy seems to know no bounds. :(