Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's Really Hot Deer

We were driving back to the farmhouse from Burnsville on what is considered a scorching day there, a place where there is usually little need for air conditioning,  The road follows the winding Cane River. We looked down and there was a deer in the river drinking. She had her whole head stuck into the cold water.


We pulled over and stood watching for a while before she got wind of us and decided it was time to head for the cover of the tall grass.


It was only then that we saw she was not alone. There was a lookout in the grass.

100_2876 100_2878

No doubt she and her friends would return in the dark to drink their fill.


Our own water bottles were almost empty. It  was time to head on back to the house where the tap water runs quite cool from the artesian well.

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