Saturday, December 15, 2007

Rhymes and Raindrops

"Red Sky at Night, Sailor's Delight," or so the saying goes.

Well, even after last night's lovely sky, it has drizzled here most of the day and been windy and the forecast is for 12 foot seas off shore. I would say, the rhyme missed this prediction.

As a very inexperienced photographer, I had not tried taking pictures of raindrops before and wanted to give it a try. The very last of the Japanese maple leaves were my first effort.



All of the rest have deposited themselves in and around the goldfish pond. For a week or more the surface has been covered with lovely, red leaves, but the rain sank them to the bottom. The water is more clear than it has been for some time and we can see every fish .


Tonight it is storming. We so desperately need every drop. Thanks to the wonders of interactive weather sites on-line, we can see the storms and tell when one is near or nearly finished here.  From the looks of the Gulf, sailors better take warning tonight.

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